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November 30 - December 2
236 Chapel st. Prahran
1. Peter Burke
Safe Deposit (The Teller) 2023, HD video, black and white, sound, 3:44.
2. David Lans and Warlayirti Artists. Videography Garreth Taylor and Gaby Mason. Mutikur Project Produced by Annette Cock and Sally Clifford. Music Tjupi Band and Wanatjarra Band.
Car Troubles 2009, HD video, colour, sound, 12:55.
3. Anna Hoyle
Who wants to be a Krillionaire? 2023, HD video animation, colour, sound, 0:30.
4. Benedict Sibley,
Commuter 2017, HD video, silent, 3:25.
5. Masato Takasaka, with Liquid Architecture, Jason Heller, Warren Taylor, Damiano Bertoli.
The Artist As Session Musician, (Autotune Everything, Liquid Architecture) 2016, HD video, colour, sound, 11:17.
6. John Warwicker, tomato
Dérive 1996, HD video, colour, sound, 6:25.
7. Amanda Morgan, soundtrack by Jeff Baker
The Zooplankton's Dance: just what is it that makes seismic blasting so appealing in today's ocean homes? 2023, HD video animation, sound, 8:00.
8. Liss Fenwick
Mastotermes Darwiniensis /mɑːstɒtɜːmz ˈdɑːwɪŋ.ɪen.sɪs/ Giant Northern Termite HD video, colour, multi-channel sound, 5:30.
9. David Harley
Compulse 2023, HD video animation, colour, sound, 5:06.
10. David McBurney (blank) AND (blank) 2023, conjoined word pairs collected from 100 artists in the week following referendum. 2017 ongoing, HD video, sound, 5:40.
11. Stephen Haley
Succession (Boardroom) 2022, HD video animation, colour, sound, 1:53.
12. Natasha Johns-Messenger
511 2008, SD video, colour, sound 10:29.
13. Kieran Boland
I was Building a House with Bucket Men. 2023, Single Channel, 4K video and animation,16:9, stereo sound, 8:35.
14. Melody Laglína Woodnutt
The Moment of Air Before a Whisper 2023, 16mm film to HD video, colour, sound, 3:19.
15. Darren Wardle X Brie Trenerry
Exponential horizon 2023, AI HD video, colour, sound, 2:36.
16. Steven Rhall
Aboriginal Artist Google Search 2020, SD Video, colour, sound, 00:30.
17. Blake Dearman
The Inside of A Square 2023 HD video, sound.
18. Craig Easton
Measuring Nothing 2019, HD video, colour, sound, 3:20.
19. EG Productions, directed by Ella and Greg Stehle.
Yolngu Vision 2011, SD video, SD Video, colour, sound, 10:50.
20. Joseph Blair
Oceans 32 2012, HD video, colour, sound duration: 6:50.
21. Janet Burchill, Jennifer McCamley and Robin Hely, soundtrack by Ed Kuepper
Pangaea 2004, HD video, sound, 8:20.
22. Kate Beynon, Rali Beynon & Michael Pablo
Spirits Summoning 2023, HD video and colour animation, sound, 6:02.
23. Karen Ann Donnachie & Andy Simionato, Music by Sinistri (ex-Starfuckers)
Holes in Between 2005, Single-channel digital video (DV), 6:00.
24. Hiball
Redoubt 2022, HD video, colour, sound, 6:59.
25. John Waller
On Deck at Ningaloo 2023, HD video, colour, sound, 4:33.
26. Sonia Payes
Corn & Quarries 2013, HD video, colour, sound, 1.52.
27. Martine Corompt and Camille Hannan
The Waiting Room 2022, HD video, colour, sound, 10:28.
28. Ian Haig
Trip Advisor 2020, HD video, black and white, sound, 3:10.
29. Bernhard Sachs X Brie Trenerry
Posthumous Requiem 2009-2023, HD video, sound, 5:30.
30. Brie Trenerry X Min Wong
Away Team Hologram fan, HD video, 3D Render, 2022. 0:20.
31. BOOreaucrats (Benjamin Sheppard & Peter Burke)
Signs of Agreement 30th November 2023.